Lab Members

Andy 2.JPG

Thomas and Stacey Siebel Distinguished Chair in Stem Cell Research
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Investigator
Professor, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology


Research Staff

Sarah Tronnes

Lab Manager

Jenni Durieux.JPG

Research Specialist

Anel Esquivel.JPG

Laboratory Assistant

Naame Kelet.JPG

Laboratory Assistant

Samira Monshietehadi.JPG

Research Associate

    Research Specialist

Melissa S 2.JPG

EM and Media Consultant

Liz Willey.JPG

Research Associate

Mandy Zeng.jpg

Research Associate


Post Doctoral Fellows

Raz Bar-Ziv.JPG

EMBO and LLHF Research Fellow

Ashley Frakes.JPG

NIH F32 Research Fellow

Gilbert Garcia.JPG

Post Doctoral Fellow

Ryo 2.JPG

NIH K99 & F32 and AFAR

Research Fellow

Erica Moehle.JPG

Jane Coffin Childs Research Fellow

Andrew Murley.jpg

Damon Runyan Cancer Research Fellow

Cory Pender.JPG

NIH T32 & F32 Research Fellow

Robert Schinzel.JPG

CIRM and Siebel Research Fellow

Koning Shen.JPG

Jane Coffin Childs Research and AFAR Fellow

Kim Tsui 4.jpg

Post Doctoral Fellow


LSRF Research Fellow

Hanlin Zhang.JPG

LLHF Research Fellow


Graduate Students

Melissa M 2.JPG

Melissa Metcalf

NIH F31 Pre-Doctoral Fellow, MCB

Martina Velichkovska .JPG

Pre-Doctoral Student, MCB

Kevin Wickham

UCOP & UCB Stem Cell

Pre-Doctoral Fellow, MCB

Graduate Rotation Students


Graduate Student, MCB


Undergraduate Researchers and Interns

Qazi Ahmad.JPG

MCB, 2021

Theo Bolas.jpg

IB/Economics/MCB, 2019

Helen Choi.JPG

Microbial Biology, 2020

Emma Doan.JPG

Public Health, 2022


MCB, 2022

Sara Vandenburgh.JPG

MCB/Developmental Genetics, 2021

Iris Wu.jpg

MCB/Mathematics, 2020

Julian Dishart.JPG

Graduate Student

Helen Wills Neuroscience

Phil Frankino.JPG

UCB Stem Cell

Pre-Doctoral Fellow, MCB

Holly 2.JPG

NSF Pre-Doctoral Fellow,

Helen Wills Neuroscience

Arushi Sahay.JPG

MCB, 2022

Anina Lund.JPG

Cognitive Science, 2020

Sophia Moreno.jpg

Public Health, 2021

MCB, 2021

188 Li Ka Shing Center #430, Berkeley, CA 94720      (510) 664-4951