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Tsui CK, Twells N, Doan E, Brooks J, Kulepa A, Webster B, Mahal LK, Dillin A.

Combinatorial CRISPR screens and lectin microarrays identify novel glycosylation regulators.
bioRxiv. 2024.  
 Preprint.  PMID: 37961200


Dishart, JG, Pender, C., Zhang, H., Ly, M., Webb, M., Dillin A.

Olfaction Regulates Peripheral Mitophagy and Mitochondrial Function

Science Advances.  2024.  In Press. In press.


Zhang, H., Tsui CK, Garcia, G., Joe, LK, Wu, H., Maruichi, A., Fan, W., Pandovski, S., Yoon, PH, Webster, BM, Durieux, J., Frankino, P., Higuchi-Sanabria, R., Dillin A.
The Extracellular Matrix Integrates Mitochondrial Homeostasis
Cell.  2024.  
 In Press.


Shen K, Durieux J, Mena CG, Webster BM, Tsui KC, Zhang H, Joe L, Berendzen K, Dillin A.
The Germline Coordinates Mitokine Signaling

Cell.  2024.  In press.


Tharp KM, Park S, Timblin GA, Richards AL, Berg JA, Twells NM, Riley NM, Peltan EL, Shon DJ, Stevenson E, Tsui K, Palomba F, Lefebvre AEYT, Soens RW, Ayad NME, Hoeve-Scott JT, Healy K, Digman M, Dillin A, Bertozzi CR, Swaney DL, Mahal LK, Cantor JR, Paszek MJ, Weaver VM.
The microenvironment dictates glycocalyx construction and immune surveillance.
Res Sq. 2024.  Preprint.  PMID:  37645943


Metcalf MG, Monshietehadi S, Sahay A, Durieux J, Frakes AE, Velichkovska M, Mena C, Farinas A, Sanchez M, Dillin A.
Cell non-autonomous control of autophagy and metabolism by glial cells.
iScience February 2024.  PMID: 38500817

Bar-Ziv R, Dutta N, Hruby A, Sukarto E, Averbukh M, Alcala A, Henderson HR, Durieux J, Tronnes SU, Ahmad Q, Bolas T, Perez J, Dishart JG, Vega M, Garcia G, Higuchi-Sanabria R, Dillin A.
Glial-derived mitochondrial signals impact neuronal proteostasis and aging.
Science Advances.  October 13 2023.  PMID: 37609253

Garcia, G., Zhang, H., Moreno, S., Tsui, C.K., Webster, B.M., Higuchi-Sanabria, R., and Dillin, A.
Lipid homeostasis is essential for a maximal ER stress response
eLife.  July 2023.   PMID: 37489956

Garcia, G., Bar-Ziv, R., Averbukh, M., Dasgupta, N., Dutta, N., Zhang, H., Fan, W., Moaddeli, D., Tsui, C.K., Torres, T.C., Alcala, A., Moehle, E.A., Hoang, S., Shalem, O., Adams, P.D., Thorwald, M.A., and Higuchi-Sanabria, R.
Large-scale genetic screens identify BET-1 as a cytoskeleton regulator promoting actin function and life span
Aging Cell.  January 2023.  PMID:  36404134

Zhang, H., Li, X., Fan, W., Pandovski, S., Tian, Y. and Dillin, A.
Inter-tissue communication of mitochondrial stress and metabolic health
Life Metabolism.  January 7, 2023.  PMID:  37538245

Gildea, H.K., Frankino, P.A., Tronnes, S.U., Pender, C.L., Choi, H.O., Hunter, T.D., Cheung, S.S., Frakes, A.E., Sukarto, E., Wickham, K., & Dillin, A.

Glia of C. elegans coordinate the heat shock response independent of the neuronal thermosensory circuit and serotonin
Science Advances 8.  December 9, 2022  PMID:  36490338

Murley, A. and Dillin, A.
Macroautophagy in quiescent and senescent cells: a pathway to longevity?
Trends in Cell Biol.ogy  November 19, 2022  PMID:  36490338

Tan, D., Konduri, S., Ertunc, M.E,.. Zhang, P., Wang, J., Chang, T. Pinto, A.F.M., Rocha, A, Donaldson, C.J., Vaughn, J.M., Ludwig, R.G., Willey, E., Iyer, M., Gray, P.C.,. Maher, P., Allen, N.J., Zuchero, J.B., Dillin, A., Mori, M.A., Kohama, S.G., Sigel, D., and Saghatelian, A.

A class of anti-inflammatory lipids decrease with aging in the central nervous system

Nat Chem Biol.  October 20, 2022   PMID:  36266352

Murley A, Wickham K, and Dillin A.

Life in lockdown: Orchestrating endoplasmic reticulum and lysosome homeostasis for quiescent cells.

Molecular Cell.  August 30, 2022   PMID:  36044901

Frankino, P., Siddiqi, T., Bolas, T., Bar-Ziv, R., Gildea, H., Zhang,, H., Higuchi-Sanabria, R., and Dillin, A.

SKN-1 regulates stress resistance downstream of amino catabolism pathways

iScience 25, 104571, July 15, 2022  PMID:  35784796

Shen K, Pender CL, Bar-Ziv R, Zhang H, Wickham K, Willey E, Durieux J, Ahmad Q, and Dillin A.
Mitochondria as Cellular and Organismal Signaling Hubs
Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol.  July 8, 2022  PMID: 

Siddiqi, TF., Frankino, PA., and Dillin, A.

Tyrosine catabolites influence SKN-1 signaling in a model of Type I Tyrosinemia.

microPublication Biology. June 2, 2022 10.17912   PMID:  35668715

Xin, N., Durieux, J., Yang, C., Wolff, S., Kim, HE, and Dillin, A.
The UPRmt preserves mitochondrial import to extend lifespan
Journal of Cell Biology.  May 2022 Vol. 221 No. 7   PMID: 

Ward CP, Peng L, Yuen S, Halstead J, Palacios H, Nyangau E, Mohammed H, Ziari N, Dandan M, Frakes AE, Gildea HK, Dillin A, & Hellerstein MK

Aging alters the metabolic flux signature of the ER-unfolded protein response in vivo in mice.

Aging Cell.  February 16, 2022   PMID:  35170180

Homentcovschi S and Higuchi-Sanabria R

A neuron’s ambrosia:  non-autonomous unfolded protein response of the endoplasmic reticulum promotes lifespan

Neural Regeneration Research.  Feb 2022: 17 (2) PMID:  34269195

Ward, C., Peng, L ., Yuen, S., Chang, M., Karapetyan, R., Nyangau, E., 1, Mohammed, H., Palacios, H., Ziari, N., Joe, L., Frakes, A., Dandan, M., Dillin, A., and Hellerstein, M.
ER Unfolded Protein Response in Liver In Vivo Is Characterized by Reduced, Not Increased, De Novo Lipogenesis and Cholesterol Synthesis Rates with Uptake of Fatty Acids from Adipose Tissue: Integrated Gene Expression, Translation Rates and Metabolic Fluxes
International Journal of Medical Sciences.  January 2022; 23  PMID:  35170180

Moehle, E.*, Higuchi-Sanabria, R.*, Tsui, K., Homentcovschi, S., Tharp, K., Zhang, H., Chi, H., Joe, L., de los Rios Rogers, M., Sahay, A., Kelet, N., Benitez, C., Bar-Ziv, R., Garcia, G., Shen, K., Frankino, P.,  Schinzel, R., Shalem, O., and Dillin A.
Cross-species screening platforms identify EPS-8 as a critical link for mitochondrial stress and actin stabilization
Science Advances.  October 2021; 7  PMID:  34714674

Vlassakis J, Hansen LL, Higuchi-Sanabria R, Zhou Y, Tsui CK, Dillin A, Huang H, Herr AE.
Measuring expression heterogeneity of single-cell cytoskeletal protein complexes
Nat Commun. 2021 Aug 17;12(1) PMID: 34404787

Tharp KM, Higuchi-Sanabria R, Timblin GA, Ford B, Garzon-Coral C, Schneider C, Muncie JM, Stashko C, Daniele JR, Moore AS, Frankino PA, Homentcovschi S, Manoli SS, Shao H, Richards AL, Chen KH, Hoeve JT, Ku GM, Hellerstein M, Nomura DK, Saijo K, Gestwicki J, Dunn AR, Krogan NJ, Swaney DL, Dillin A, Weaver VM.
Adhesion-mediated mechanosignaling forces mitohormesis.
Cell Metab.  July 2021: 6;33(7). PMID: 34019840

Tsui CK, Dishart JG, Dillin A.
Brains and brawn: Stress-induced myokine abates nervous system aging.
Cell Metab. 2021 Jun 2021; 1;33(6) PMID: 34077712

Higuchi-Sanabria R, Durieux J, Kelet N, Homentcovschi S, de Los Rios Rogers M, Monshietehadi S, Garcia G, Dallarda S, Daniele JR, Ramachandran V, Sahay A, Tronnes SU, Joe L, and Dillin A.
Divergent Nodes of Non-autonomous UPR ER Signaling through Serotonergic and Dopaminergic Neurons
Cell Rep.  08 Dec 2020: 8;33(10). PMID: 33296657

Metcalf, MG, Higuchi-Sanabria, R, Garcia, G, Tsui, K, and Dillin, A
Beyond the cell factory: Homeostatic regulation of and by the UPRER
Sci Adv. 15 July 2020: 6(29):eabb9614. PMID: 32832649

Webster BM, Gildea HK, Dillin A.
Protein homeostasis from the outside in
Nat Cell Biol.  08 July 2020: Vol. 22, 911-912. PMID: 32641767  

Higuchi-Sanabria R, Shen K, Kelet N, Frankino PA, Durieux J, Bar-Ziv R, Sing CN, Garcia EJ, Homentcovschi S, Sanchez M, Wu R, Tronnes SU, Joe L, Webster B, Ahilon-Jeronimo A, Monshietehadi S, Dallarda S, Pender C, Pon LA, Zoncu R, Dillin A.
Lysosomal recycling of amino acids affects ER quality control.
Sci Adv.  26 June 2020: 6(26):eaaz9805.  PMID: 32637599

Bar-Ziv R, Bolas T, Dillin A. 
Systemic effects of mitochondrial stress.
EMBO Reports.  24 May 2020: 21: e50094. PMID: 32449292  

Bar-Ziv, R, Frakes, AF, Higuchi-Sanabria, R, Bolas, T, Frankino, P, Gildea, H, Metcalf, M, and Dillin, A.

Measurements of physiological stress responses in C. elegans. 

J Vis Exp. 2020 May 21;(159)  PMID:  32510480 

Frakes AE, Metcalf MG, Tronnes SU, Bar-Ziv R, Durieux J, Gildea HK, Kandahari N, Monshietehadi S, Higuchi-Sanabria R, Dillin A. 
Four glial cells regular ER stress resistance and longevity via neuropeptide signaling. 
Science.  24 Jan 2020: Vol. 367, Issue 6476, pp. 436-440. PMID:  31974253  

Publications: About

Daniele J, Higuchi-Sanabria R, Durieux J, Monshietehadi S, Ramachandran V, Tronnes S, Kelet N,  Sanchez M, Metcalf M, Garcia G, Frankino P, Benitez C, Zeng M, Esping S, Joe L, & Dillin A. 
A non-canonical UPRER promotes lipophagy to extend lifespan.   
Science Advances.  2020 Jan 1; (6) 1:1-9.  PMID:  31911951   

Publications: About


Schinzel RT, Higuchi-Sanabria R, Shalem O, Moehle EA, Webster BM, Joe L, Bar-Ziv R, Frankino PA, Durieux J, Pender C, Kelet N, Kumar SS, Savalia N, Chi H, Simic M, Nguyen NT, Dillin A. 

The Hyaluronidase, TMEM2, Promotes ER Homeostasis and Longevity Independent of the UPRER. 

Cell. 2019 Nov 27;179(6):1306-1318.  PMID:  31761535

Publications: About

Anderson EC, Frankino PA, Higuchi-Sanabria R, Yang Q, Bian Q, Podshivalova K, Shin A, Kenyon C, Dillin A, Meyer BJ. 
X Chromosome Domain Architecture Regulates Caenorhabditis elegans Lifespan but Not Dosage Compensation.
Dev Cell. 2019 Oct 21;51(2):192-207.    PMID:  31495695   pdf

Simic M, Moehle E, Schinzel, R, Lorbeer F, Halloran J, Heydari, K , Sanchez M, Jullié D , Hockemeyer D , Dillin A. 
Transient activation of the UPRER is an essential step in the acquisition of pluripotency during reprogramming.   
Science Advances.  2019 April 20.  PMID:  30989118 

Publications: About

Youssar, L., Wernet, V., Hensel, N., Yu, X., Hildebrand, H., Schreckenberger, B., Kriegler, M., Hetzer, B., Frankino, P.,  Dillin, A., & Fischer, R.
Intercellular communication is required for trap formation in the nematode-trapping fungus Duddingtonia flagrans.
PLOS Genetics.  2019 March 2019.  PMID:  30917129 

Publications: About
Publications: About


Higuchi-Sanabria R, Paul JW, Durieux J, Benitez C, Frankino PA, Tronnes SU, Garcia G, Daniele JR, Monshietehadi S, Dillin A. 

Spatial regulation of the actin cytoskeleton by HSF-1 dring aging. 

Mol Biol Cell.  2018 Aug 22.  PMID:  30133343   pdf  

Publications: About

Zhang, Q, Wu, X, Chen P, Liu, L, Xin, N, Tian Y, Dillin, A
The Mitochondrial Unfolded Protein Response Is Mediated Cell-Non-autonomously by Retromer-Dependent Wnt Signaling.   
Cell.  2018 Aug 9.  PMID:  30057120

Daniele JR, Heydari K, Dillin A.  

Mitochondrial Subtype Identification and Characterization. 

Curr Protoc Cytome.  2018 July.  PMID:  29944197

Publications: About

Moehle EA, Shen K, Dillin A.  

Mitochondrial Proteostasis in the Context of Cellular and Organismal Heath and Aging.  J Biol Chem. 2018 Apr 5.  PMID:  29622680

Publications: About


Riera CE.

ThermoTRPs: Role in Aging

Neurobiology of TRP Channels. 2nd ed. CRC Press/Taylor& Francis; 2017. Chapter 14.  PMID:  29356483

Publications: About
Publications: About

Nguyen TB, Louie SM, Daniele JR, Tran Q, Dillin A, Zoncu R, Nomura DK, Olzmann JA.

DGAT1-Dependent Lipid Droplet Biogenesis Protects Mitochondrial Function during Starvation-Induced Autophagy.

Dev Cell. 2017 Jul 10;42(1):9-21.  PMID:  28697336

Riera CE, Tsaousidou E, Halloran J, Follett P, Hahn O, Pereira MMA, Ruud LE, Alber J, Tharp K, Anderson CM, Brönneke H, Hampel B, Filho CDM, Stahl A, Brüning JC, Dillin A.

The Sense of Smell Impacts Metabolic Health and Obesity.

Cell Metab. 2017 Jul 5;26(1):198-211.  PMID:  28683287

Publications: About
Publications: About

Frakes AE, Dillin A.

The UPRER: Sensor and Coordinator of Organismal Homeostasis.

Mol Cell. 2017 Jun 15;66(6):761-771.  PMID:  28622521


Kim, HE, Durieux J, Grant A, Simic, M, Kohnz, R, Nomura, D, Durieuxm J, Riera, C, Sanchez, M, Kapernick, E, Wolff S, Dillin A.  

Lipid Biosynthesis Coordinates a Mitochondrial-to-Cytosolic Stress Response.  

Cell.  2016 Sept 8.  PMID: 27610574

Publications: About

Berendzen, KM, Durieux, J, Shao LW, Tian Y, Kim HE, Wolff S, Liu Y, Dillin A.

Neuroendocrine Coordination of Mitochondrial Stress Signaling and Proteostasis.  

Cell.  2016 Sept 8.  PMID: 26601575 

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Publications: About

Riera, C.E., Merkwirth C., de Magalhaes Filho, C.D. and Dillin, A.

Signaling Networks Determining Life Span 

Annu Rev Biochem. 2016 Jun 2;85:35-64.  PMID: 27294438

Anchor 1

Steffen, KK, Dillin A.  

A Ribosomal Perspective on Proteostasis and Aging.  

Cell Metabolism.  2016 June 14.  PMID: 27304502

Anchor 3

Riera, C.E., and Dillin, A.

Emerging role of sensory perception in aging and metabolism

Trends Endocrinol Metab. 2016 May;27(5):294-303.  PMID: 27067041 

Daniele JR, Heydari K, Arriaga EA, Dillin A.  

Identification and characterization of mitochondrial subtypes in C. elegans via analysis of individual mitochondria by flow cytometry.  

Anal Chem. 2016 May 23.  PMID: 27210103  

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Publications: About

Merkwirth C, Jovaisaite V, Durieux J, Matilainen O, Jordan SD, Quiros PM, Steffen KK, Williams EG, Mouchiroud L, Tronnes SU, Murillo V, Wolff SC, Shaw RJ, Auwerx J, Dillin A. 

Two Conserved Histone Demethylases Regulate Mitochondrial Stress-Induced Longevity.  

Cell. 2016 May 165, 1–15.  PMID: 27133168  

Publications: About

Tian Y, Garcia G, Bian Q, Steffen KK, Joe L, Wolff S, Meyer BJ, Dillin A. Mitochondrial Stress Induces Chromatin Reorganization to Promote Longevity and UPRmt.  

Cell. 2016 May 165, 1–12.  PMID: 27133166

Publications: About

Seah NE, de Magalhaes Filho CD, Petrashen AP, Henderson HR, Laguer J, Gonzalez J, Dillin A, Hansen M, Lapierre LR.  

Autophagy-mediated longevity is modulated by lipoprotein biogenesis.  

Autophagy. 2016 12:2 26-272.  PMID: 26671266 

Pre - 2016

Douglas, P, Baird N, Simic M, Uhlein S, McCormick M, Kennedy B, Dillin A.  

Heterotypic Signals from Neural HSF-1 Separate Thermotolerance from Logevity.  

Cell Reports 12, 1196–1204 August 18, 2015.  PMID: 26257177 

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Publications: About

Baird NA, Douglas PM, Simic MS, Grant AR, Moresco JJ, Wolff SC, Yates JR 3rd, Manning G, Dillin A.

HSF-1-mediated cytoskeletal integrity determines thermotolerance and life span. 

Science. 2014 Oct 17;346(6207):360-3.  PMID: 25324391

Publications: About

Riera CE, Huising MO, Follett P, Leblanc M, Halloran J, Van Andel R, de Magalhaes Filho CD, Merkwirth C, Dillin A. 

TRPV1 pain receptors regulate longevity and metabolism by neuropeptide signaling. 

Cell. 2014;157(5):1023-36.  PMID: 24855942 

Publications: About

Wolff S, Dillin A. 

Cell biology:  The stressful influence of microbes. 

Nature. 2014;508(7496):328-9.  PMID: 24695220  

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Wolff S, Weissman JS, Dillin A. 

Differential scales of protein quality control. 

Cell. 2014;157(1):52-64.  PMID: 24679526  

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Taylor RC, Dillin A.

XBP-1 is a cell-nonautonomous regulator of stress resistance and longevity. 

Cell. 2013;153(7):1435-47.  PMID: 23791175  

Publications: About

Wolff S, Dillin A.

Aging: beneficial miscommunication. 

Nature. 2013;497(7450):442-3.  PMID: 23698438   

Publications: About

Vilchez D, Boyer L, Morantte I, Lutz, M, Merkwirth C, Joyce D, Spencer B, Page L, Masliah E, Berggren WT, Gage FH, and Dillin A. 

Increased proteasome activity in human embryonic stem cells is regulated by PSMD11. 

Nature. 2012: 489(7415):304-8.  PMID: 22972301

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Vilchez D, Morantte I, Liu Z, Douglas PM, Merkwirth C, Rodrigues, APC, Manning G, and Dillin A. 

RPN-6 determines C. elegans longevity under proteotoxic stress conditions. 

Nature. 2012:389(7415):263-268.  PMID: 22922647 

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Durieux J, Wolff S, Dillin A.

The cell-non-autonomous nature of electron transport chain-mediated longevity. 

Cell. 2011;144(1):79-91.  PMID: 21215371  

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