New Events

Qazi Ahmad Accepts Staff Research Associate Position at Addition Therapeutics

Naame Kelet Accepts Staff Research Associate Position at MicroByre

Arushi Sahay Accepted into the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School

Qazi Ahmad Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Emma Doan Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Daniella Dror Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Sophie Liu Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Andy Dillin and Anne Brunet Awarded the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences for Their Work on the Aging Process

Haolun Wu (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab

Dillin lab is a new member of the Immunology and Molecular Medicine Division within MCB

Megan Ly (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab

Martina Velichkovska Accepts Sales Development Position at Bioz

Arushi Sahay Awarded Bachelor's Degree & Joins the Lab as a Research Associate

Joel Perez Receives UC Berkeley Center for Research and Education on Aging (CREA) Award

Dillin Lab Awarded NIH R56 Grant

Ashley Frakes Accepts Assistant Professor Position at the NIH

Gilbert Garcia Accepts Post Doc Position at USC

Wudi Fan (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab

Daniella Dror (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab

Joel Perez (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab

Avijit Mallick Joins the Lab as a Visiting Scholar

Ryo Higuchi-Sanabria Accepts Assistant Professor Position at USC

Tayla Hunter Joins the lab as an Amgen Intern

Cesar Mena Joins the lab as a Research Associate

Eyles Serghine Joins the lab as a CHORI Intern

Janiya Brooks Joins the lab as an Amgen Intern

Edward Sukarto Joins the lab as a Research Associate

Kevin Wickham Passes Qualifying Exam

Sophia Moreno Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Naomi Nicholas Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Sara Vandenburgh Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Mandy Zeng Accepts Clinical Trail Coordinator Position at Stanford University

Samira Monshietehadi Accepted into UC Berkeley Graduate School

Kim Tsui Awarded NIH F32 Fellowship

Koning Shen Awarded NIH K99 Pathway to Independence

Sarah Tronnes Re-Joins the Lab as Lab Manager

Holly Gildea Awarded NIH F99 Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition

Martina Velichkovska Passes Qualifying Exam

 Julian Dishart Passes Qualifying Exam

Koning Shen Awarded AFAR Fellowship

Kevin Wickham Awarded UCB Stem Cell Fellowship

Camila Benitez Starts Graduate School at UCSF

Melissa Sanchez Accepts Operations Manager Position at Alpine Roads

Hanlin Zhang Awarded LLHF Foundation Fellowship

Dillin Lab Awarded Research Grant from Rainwater Foundation

Mattias de los Rio Rogers Joins the Lab as a CHORI Summer Intern

Theo Bolas Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Helen Choi Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Sofia Dallarda Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Anina Lund Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Iris Wu Awarded Bachelor's Degree

Martina Velichkovska (Graduate Student, MCB) Joins the Lab

Kevin Wickham (Graduate Student, MCB) Joins the Lab

Ryo Higuchi-Sanbria Awarded NIH K99 Pathway to Independence 
Julian Dishart (Graduate Student, Helen Wills Neuroscience) Joins the Lab
Shannon Cheung (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Sophie Liu (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Sentibel Pandovski (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Cory Pender Awarded NIH F32 Fellowship
Gilbert Garcia Awarded Ph.D., promoted to Post Doc Fellow 
Hanlin Zhang (Post Doc Fellow) Joins the Lab
Sofia Dallarda (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Sara Vandenburg (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Liz Willey (Research Associate) Joins the Lab
Talha Siddiqi (Intern) Joins the Lab
Kim Tsui (Post Doc Fellow) Joins the Lab
Emma Doan (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Naomi Nicholas (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Stefan Homentcovschi (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Qazi Ahmad (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Raz Bar-Ziv Awarded LLHF Fellowship
Naame Kelet (Research Associate) Joins the Lab
Hannah Chi Awarded
 Bachelor's Degree

Naame Kelet Awarded Bachelor's Degrees
Ryo Higuchi-Sanabria Awarded AFAR Fellowship
Cory Pender Awarded NIH T32 Fellowship
Arushi Sahay (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
NIH R01AG059566 Awarded
Cory Pender (Post Doc Fellow) Joins the Lab
Sophia Moreno (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Alex Mulligan (Research Associate) Joins the Lab
Melissa Metcalf Awarded NIH Fellowship
Anina Lund (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Theo Bolas (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Helen Choi (Undergraduate Researcher) Joins the Lab
Phil Frankino Passes Qualifying Exam
Camila Benitez (Research Associate) Joins the Lab
Camila Benitez, Eric Zhang and Daniel Choi Receive Bachelor Degrees
Melissa Metcalf Passes Qualifying Exam
Holly Gildea Passes Qualifying Exam
Joseph Paul Passes Qualifying Exam
Melissa Metcalf Awarded NSF Fellowship
Raz Bar-Ziv Receives EMBO Fellowship
Raz-Bar Ziv (Post Doc Fellow ) Joins the Lab
Samira Monshietehadi (Research Associate) Joins the Lab
NIH R01ES021667 Renewed
NIH R01AG955891 Awarded 
TEVA Industry Alliance Contract Renewed
Koning Shen Awarded Jane Coffin Childs Fellowship
Nazineen Kandahari (Research Associate) joins the lab

Mandy Zeng (Research Associate) joins the lab
Undergraduate Researchers Giana Ciriola, Nazineen Kandahari, Rachel Prorok, Cathy Ton, Vi Tran, and Mandy Zeng Graduate from UC Berkeley
Andy Murley Awarded Damon Runyon Fellowship
Brant Webster Awarded Life Sciences Research Fellowship
Holly Gildea Awarded NSF Fellowship
Joseph Paul Awarded NSF Fellowship
Melissa Metcalf (Graduate Student, MCB) Joins the Lab
Phil Frankino (Graduate Student, MCB) Joins the Lab
Holly Gildea (Graduate Student, Helen Wills Neuroscience) Joins the Lab
Joseph Paul (Graduate Student, MCB) Joins the Lab
Koning Shen (Post Doc Fellow) Joins the Lab
15 Year Reunion Retreat Planning Initiated
HHMI Funding Renewed for 7 more years
New NIH R01 Receives 2% ranking
NIH R01 Renewal Receives 3% ranking