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Graduate Fellow, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology


I received my bachelor’s degree from International Christian University in Japan, followed by a master’s degree through a 5th-year master’s program. During my B.S. and M.S., I conducted research in Dr. Tatsuo Nunoshiba’s laboratory and investigated the function of the pyrophosphohydrolase rdgB in the maintenance of genomic integrity by preventing the accumulation of damaged nucleotides in E.coli.

In the Dillin lab, I am studying how the pathogenic bacterial infection regulates host immune and stress responses and impacts on mitochondrial functions.



Wang, C., Ohkubo, R., Mu, W. C., Fan, J. L., Song, Z., Maruichi, A., Sudmant, P., Pisco, A. O., Dubal, D, Ji, N., and Chen, D. (2023). The Mitochondrial Unfolded Protein Response Regulates Hippocampal Neural Stem Cell Aging. Cell Metabolism. S1550-4131(23)00139-0.

Anel Esquivel: TeamMember
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