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Jane Coffin Childs Research Fellow

AFAR Research Fellow

NIH K99 Research Fellow


I received my bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and my PhD from Stanford University. For my PhD, I worked in Dr. Judith Frydman’s lab and studied how protein misfolding and aggregation lead to toxicity in the neurodegenerative disorder Huntington’s disease. My work elucidated how conformational properties of mutant Huntingtin regulate neurotoxicity and protein homeostasis in Huntington’s disease. I also studied the interaction between mutant Huntingtin and molecular chaperones.

In the Dillin lab, I study how mitochondria recognize and respond to proteotoxic stress and how these mechanisms become compromised in aging or age-related diseases. I am also interested in inter-organelle communication and how this contributes to stress response pathways in aging.



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Shen K, Calamini B, Fauerbach JA, Ma B, Shahmoradian SH, Serrano Lachapel IL, Chiu W, Lo DC, Frydman J. 2016. Control of the structural landscape and neuronal proteotoxicity of mutant Huntingtin by domains flanking the polyQ tract. Elife. 5, e18065.

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Shen, K., Frydman, J. 2013. The interplay between the chaperonin TRiC and N-terminal region of Huntingtin mediates Huntington’s Disease aggregation and pathogenesis. In: Morimoto, RI, Christen, Y, editors. Protein Quality Control in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Berlin Heidelberg (Germany): Springer-Verlag. p121-132.

Pakotiprapha, D., Samuels, M., Shen, K., Hu, J.H., Jeruzalmi, D. 2012. Structure and mechanisms of the UvrA-UvrB DNA damage sensor. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 19(3)291-8.

Koning Shen, Ph.D. TeamMember
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