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Damon Runyan Cancer Research Fellow


I studied organelle contact sites while earning my PhD in Jodi Nunnari's lab at UC Davis. I elucidated a role for ER-mitochondria contact sites in directing the mitochondrial division machinery to actively replicating mitochondrial DNA, which facilitates the faithful inheritance of mitochondrial DNA and the function of mitochondria in cellular respiration. I also discovered a family of lipid transport proteins that facilitate the transfer of sterol lipids between organelles. I found that these proteins play a role in communication between organelles and in stress response pathways in cells. 


In the Dillin lab, I am studying the processes that contribute to proteostasis collapse with age. I am also interested in the communication of protein folding stress across tissues and how these pathways can modulate lifespan. Using C. elegans as a model system, my goal is to understand these processes on a molecular and cellular level.



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Andy Murley, Ph.D. TeamMember
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