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Post Doc Fellow


 I received my bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, where I conducted research in Dr. George Church’s laboratory, and my PhD from Stanford University, where I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Maria Barna.   For my graduate research, I investigated how changes in the composition of the ribosome regulate the translation of specific mRNA transcripts during the earliest steps of embryonic development.  This work revealed extensive ribosome remodeling and new functions for ribosomal components in the regulation of cell fate specification through the specialized translation of key developmental signaling pathways.  For my work in the Dillin lab, I am broadly interested in proteostasis and posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression, with the goal of understanding how these processes are differentially controlled across tissues during aging.



Genuth NR, Shi Z, Kunimoto K, Hung V, Xu AF, Kerr CH, Tiu GC, Oses-Prieto JA, Salomon-Shulman REA, Axelrod JD, Burlingame AL, Loh KM, Barna M (2022).  A stem cell roadmap of ribosome heterogeneity reveals a function for RPL10A in mesoderm production.  Nature Communications 13, 5491.


Fujii K, Zhulyn O, Byeon GW, Genuth NR, Kerr CH, Walsh EM, Barna M (2021).  Controlling tissue patterning by translational regulation of signaling transcripts through the core translation factor eIF3c.  Developmental Cell 56, 2928-2937.


Leppek K, Fujii K, Quade N, Susanto TT, Boehringer D, Lenarcic T, Xue S, Genuth NR, Ban N, Barna M (2020). Gene- and species-specific Hox mRNA translation by ribosome expansion segments.  Molecular Cell 80, 980-995.


Yamada SB, Gendron TF, Niccoli T, Genuth NR, Grosely R, Shi Y, Glaria I, Kramer NJ, Nakayama L, Fang S, Dinger TJI, Thoeng A, Rocha G, Barna M, Puglisi JD, Partridge L, Ichida JK, Isaacs AM, Petrucelli L, Gitler AD (2019). RPS25 is required for efficient RAN translation of C9orf72 and other neurodegenerative disease-associated nucleotide repeats.  Nature Neuroscience 22, 1382-1388.


Genuth NR and Barna M (2018). The discovery of ribosome heterogeneity and its implications for gene regulation and organismal life.  Molecular Cell 71, 364-374.


Genuth NR and Barna M (2018). Heterogeneity and specialized functions of translation machinery: from genes to organisms. Nature Reviews Genetics 19, 431-452.


Shi Z*, Fujii K*, Kovary KM, Genuth NR, Rost HL, Teruel MN, Barna M (2017).  Heterogeneous ribosomes preferentially translate distinct subpools of mRNAs genome-wide.  Molecular Cell 67, 71-83.


Raman S, Taylor N, Genuth N, Fields S, Church GM (2014). Engineering allostery. Trends in Genetics : TIG. doi:10.1016/j.tig.2014.09.004

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