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Lab Manager

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Science from Florida State University in 2010 and joined the Dillin Lab in 2012 as the head C. elegans technician. I spent 7 years working on many projects including studies of cell non-autonomous signaling of the mitochondrial and ER unfolded protein responses in glia as well as the effects of these stress responses on chromatin accessibility and epigenetic changes. Some of my work also included translational fidelity and aging. In 2019 I moved to Boulder, CO to join the lab of Justin Brumbaugh where I studied cell fate and epigenetic regulation. This was an incredible opportunity for me to gain experience in embryonic stem cell tissue culture and mammal in vivo work. My family decided to move back to California in 2021 and I rejoined the Dillin Lab as the Lab Manager. I love the work I do here and love the people I work with!

Larry Joe: Faculty
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