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NIH F32 Research Fellow

Glenn Foundation Research Fellow

NIH K99 Award Recipient


My experience is considerably different from the typical researcher – I come from a background in restaurant and retail management, having worked as an assistant store manager, general store manager, and district manager in well-known companies including Burger King and Starbucks, as well as independent restaurants like Menchanko-Tei for the first 10+ years of my professional life. Having come from a very poor family, it was imperative that I work numerous jobs to fund my education, and these seemingly disconnected employments have given me the complex ability to multi-task and maximize my time, which have been instrumental in my scientific career. Most importantly, it gave me humility and compassion.


While juggling multiple responsibilities in my numerous jobs, I completed my BA and MA degree in Biotechnology at Hunter College, working with Dr. Paul Feinstein in characterization of odorant receptors in mouse olfactory neurons. Subsequently, I completed my PhD at Columbia University with Dr. Liza Pon working on identification of novel actin-mitochondrial interactions in regulation of cellular health and lifespan in the yeast model organism, S. cerevisiae. Throughout my research career, I also invested my time in developing my pedagogy, working as a teaching assistant and adjunct professor at several high schools, Kaplan, Hunter College, Columbia University, and College of Mount Saint Vincent.


As a postdoc in the Dillin lab, my research is focused on understanding how organisms respond to stress and how their responses serve to protect organismal health and healthy aging. My research focuses on two major fields: (I) regulation of actin, the “skeleton” of the cell and (II) quality control machineries of the endoplasmic reticulum, the “factory” of the cell. Specifically, I am interested in how the stress responses dedicated to protecting these distinct organelles deteriorate during the aging process, and the potential to hijack the function of these stress responses to promote lifespan.


During my postdoc, I am also heavily involved in diversity outreach programs. I directly participate and promote programs dedicated to increasing all types of diversity (women, LGBTQ, underrepresented minorities, socioeconomic minorities, those combating medical ailments, etc.) in STEM. These include the NIH B2B program and CHORI summer research programs, as well as my own personal movements to accomplish these goals. I am also an avid fitness enthusiast and am a certified yoga, Pilates, and Barre instructor (my fitness classes can be found at the RSF and WorkFit programs at UCB).


Finally, I am currently on the faculty job market and my overall goal in my independent research lab is to better understand cross communication between organelles, starting with actin-ER cross-talk. I propose to investigate the still heavily unexplored field of cytoskeletal stress biology, and expand these studies to interrogate the impact of actin health on ER homeostasis and vice versa.


Higuchi R, Vevea JD, Swayne TC, Chojnowski R, Hill V, Boldogh IR, and Pon LA (2013). Actin dynamics affects mitochondrial quality control and aging in budding yeast. Curr. Biol. 23, 2417-2422. PMCID: PMC3932488. This paper was highlighted in a “Rapid Dispatch” in Curr. Biol. 23:R107-112. It was also selected as an F1000Prime paper by the Faculty of 1000.


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Vlassakis J, Hansen LL, Higuchi-Sanabria R, Zhou Y, Tsui CK, Dillin A, Huang H, Herr AE. Quantifying cytoskeletal heterogeneity via single-cell protein-complex fractionation. Under review at Nat. Methods. bioRxiv: doi:

Ryo Higuchi-Sanabria, Ph.D.: Faculty
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