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EMBO Fellow

LLHF Research Fellow


I received my Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Tel Aviv University, and my M.Sc and Ph.D from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. During my graduate work in Professor Naama Barkai’s lab, I applied high-throughput sequencing based techniques to study the dynamics of chromatin and gene expression during DNA replication. On the chromatin level, I found that histone modifications are retrieved in a transcription-dependent time delay following DNA replication, and that a wave of H3K9 acetylation precedes the replication fork. On the level of gene expression, I showed that the expression of most genes is buffered during DNA replication, and found the first molecular link to the mechanism of this phenomenon. 

In the Dillin lab, I am broadly interested in how cells maintain protein homeostasis within different organelles, with particular interest in mitochondrial stress responses. I study the mechanisms responsible for the deterioration of mitochondrial homeostasis during aging, and interested in studying how different tissues respond to mitochondrial stress, focusing on transcriptional regulation and rewiring that occurs during stress and aging.  


Other work

In addition to my work in the Dillin lab, I volunteer in ScienceAbroad, a non-profit organization of Israeli scientists who are doing research outside of Israel. This non profit has 27 branches around the world, and I manage the UC Berkeley branch. I am also an early-career reviewer for the Genetics Society of America‏. 



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Raz Bar-Ziv, Ph.D.: Faculty
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