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Pre-Doctoral Candidate Researcher,  Helen Wills Neuroscience

I received my Bachelor's degree in neuroscience from Vassar College, where I studied how chronic alcohol exposure alters PTSD circuitry in Dr. Hadley Bergstrom's lab. After graduating, I worked with Dr. Eric Huang at UCSF to characterize how chromatin remodeling complexes regulate neurodevelopment. In the Dillin lab, I am working with Cory Pender to understand how the central nervous system conveys chemosensory cues to peripheral tissues.


Dishart, J. G., Pender, C., Shen, K., Zhang, H., Ly, M., Webb, M., & Dillin, A. G. (2024). Olfaction regulates peripheral mitophagy and mitochondrial function. Science Advances, in press.

Bar-Ziv, R., Dutta, N., Hruby, A., Sukarto, E., Averbukh, M., Alcala, A., ... & Dillin, A. (2023). Glial-derived mitochondrial signals affect neuronal proteostasis and aging. Science Advances, 9(41), eadi1411.


Gildea, H. K., Frankino, P. A., Tronnes, S. U., Pender, C. L., Durieux, J., Dishart, J. G., ... & Dillin, A. (2022). Glia of C. elegans coordinate a protective organismal heat shock response independent of the neuronal thermosensory circuit. Science Advances, 8(49), eabq3970.


Tsui, C. K., Dishart, J. G., & Dillin, A. (2021). Brains and brawn: Stress-induced myokine abates nervous system aging. Cell Metabolism, 33(6), 1067-1069.


Zhang, J., Velmeshev, D., Hashimoto, K., Huang, Y. H., Hofmann, J. W., Shi, X., ... & Huang, E. J. (2020). Neurotoxic microglia promote TDP-43 proteinopathy in progranulin deficiency. Nature, 588(7838), 459-465.


Scarlata, M. J., Lee, S. H., Lee, D., Kandigian, S. E., Hiller, A. J., Dishart, J. G., ... & Bergstrom, H. C. (2019). Chemogenetic stimulation of the infralimbic cortex reverses alcohol-induced fear memory overgeneralization. Scientific reports, 9(1), 6730.





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