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Post Doctoral Fellow


I received my B.A. in Molecular & Cell Biology and my B.S. in Genetics & Plant Biology from UC Berkeley.  As an undergraduate, I worked in the Zinmay Renee Sung and Abby Dernburg labs and participated in the Amgen Scholars program at UCSF in the Wallace Marshall lab.  I received my PhD in Molecular & Cell Biology from UC Berkeley, working in the lab of Andrew Dillin. My work is focused on using the model organism C. elegans to understand how the lipid droplet organelle changes with age and how these changes can affect organismal health.



Daniele JR, Higuchi-Sanabria R, Durieux J, Monshietehadi S, Ramachandran V, Tronnes SU, Kelet N, Sanchez M, Metcalf MG, Garcia G, Frankino PA, Benitez C, Zeng M, Esping DJ, Dillin A (2020).

UPRER Promotes Lipophagy Independent of Chaperones to Extend Life Span.

Sci. Adv., PMCID: PMC6938708


Higuchi-Sanabria R, Paul JW 3rd, Durieux J, Benitez C, Frankino PA, Tronnes SU, Garcia G, Daniele JR, Monshietehadi S, Dillin A (2018).

Spatial regulation of the actin cytoskeleton by HSF-1 during aging.

Mol. Biol. Cell, PMCID: PMC6254583


Daniele JR, Esping DJ, Garcia G, Parsons LS, Arriaga EA, Dillin A (2017).

High-Throughput Characterization of Region-Specific Mitochondrial Function and Morphology.

Sci. Rep., PMCID: PMC5532364


Tian Y, Garcia G, Bian Q, Steffen KK, Joe L, Wolff S, Meyer BJ, Dillin A (2016).

Mitochondrial Stress Induces Chromatin Reorganization to Promote Longevity and UPR(mt).

Cell, PMCID: PMC4889216

Gilbert Garcia, Ph.D.: TeamMember
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