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Heading 1

Farewell Party for Raz and Arianna


2022 Dillin Lab Publication Celebration

IMG_8465 copy.png

Graduation Party for Arushi, Qazi, Emma, Daniella and Sophie


2021 Holiday Andy Vests

Halloween 2021
Dress As Your Favorite Decade

DSC08664 copy.png
Fun: Events

2021 Wormapalooza
Alameda, CA

2020 Dillin Lab Undergraduate Presentations of Research (UPR) Symposium

Halloween 2019d.png

Halloween 2019

Retreat 2019d.png

Dillin Lab Retreat 2019
Portola, CA

Wormapalooza 2019d.png

Wormapalooza 2019
Marshall, CA

HHMI Bowling Party 2019

Bowling 2019d.png
Valentines 2019d.png

Lunar New Year/
Valentine's Day 2019

China Village Lunch 2019

Lunch at China Village 2019.jpeg
Holiday Party 2018.jpg

Holiday Party 2018

Halloween Party 2018 
Fairy Tale Characters

Halloween 2018d.png
Retreat 2018 Pic.jpg

Dillin Lab Retreat 2018
Clio, CA

Dress Like Andy 2018

Dress like Andy 2018d.png
Bowling 2018d.png

HHMI Bowling Party 2018

Wormapalooza 2018
Lafayette Reservoir

Wormapalooza 2018.jpg
Valentine's Day 2018.jpg

Valentine's Day 2018

China Village Lunch 2018

Lunch at China Village 2018.JPG
Halloween 2017d.png

Halloween 2017 
Science Fiction/

Wormapalooza 2017
Live Oak Park, Berkeley

Wormapalooza 2017d.png
Valentines 2017d.png

Valentine's Day 2017

Dillin Lab Retreat 2016
Tahoe Vista, CA

Retreat 2016d.png
Halloween 2016d.png

Halloween 2016
Video Game Characters

Holiday 2015d.png

Holiday Party 2015
Favorite Drinks


Halloween 2015
The Simpsons

Dillin Lab Retreat 2015
Sonoma, CA

Retreat 2015d.png
Holiday 2014d.png

Holiday Party 2014
Derby Days

Halloween 2014
Science Fiction Movies

Halloween 2014d.png
Halloween 2013d.png

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012d.png
Halloween 2011d.png

Halloween 2011
Animation (Salk Institute)

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