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Jane Coffin Childs Research Fellow


Between college and graduate school, I worked at Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. and helped develop what is now known as genome editing. I used zinc finger nucleases to determine conditions for integrating up to 8kb of DNA at an endogenous locus. In addition, I helped establish AAVS1 for use as a safe-harbor locus in the human genome.  For my PhD, I worked in Christine Guthrie’s lab at UCSF studying how pre-mRNA splicing is regulated in budding yeast. Budding yeast was thought to have relatively simple splicing regulation, as most intron-containing genes have only a single intron, but it was then discovered that most splicing occurs co-transcriptionally. I found that the efficiency of the splicing reaction is dependent on the chromatin structure of the DNA template and on how quickly the pre-mRNA is transcribed.  In the Dillin lab, I am studying a remarkable pathway called the mitochondrial unfolded protein response, which allows communication between mitochondria and the nucleus. I am interested in mitochondrial function and dysfunction in healthy human cells and in disease contexts.



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Erica Moehle, Ph.D. TeamMember
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