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Dillin Lab Undergraduate Alumni
Current Careers

Alex Ahilon-Jeronimo - Undergraduate Student, UC Merced

Qazi Ahmad - Research Associate, Addition Therapeutics

Emily Beckman - Fluidics Engineer at Resilience

Camila Benitez - Ph.D. Candidate, Kao Lab, UCSF

Theo Bolas, MHS - Clinical Operations Manager, Village Health Works, Burundi

Janiya Brooks - Undergraduate Student, Howard University

Lily Burton - Ph.D. Candidate, University of Chicago

Jessica Chen - Analyst at SCS Consulting Services

Hannah Chi - M.D. Candidate, UCSF

Helen Choi - Research Technician, Ellison Institute

Giana Ciriola - Ph.D. Candidate, Wolf Lab, UC Berkeley

Sofia Dallarda - Master's Student of Genetic Counseling at UCSF

Mattias de los Rios Rogers - Undergraduate Student, UCLA

Hemaxi Desai, M.D. - Resident Physician, Einstein Healthcare Network

Emma Doan - Clinical Research Coordinator, UCSF

Daniella Dror - Data Engineer Consultant, Kubrick Group

Amelia Farinas - Ph.D. Candidate, Wyss-Coray Lab, Stanford University

Stefan Homentcovschi - Undergraduate Student, UC Berkeley/CNIC Spain

Tayla Hunter - IRTA Postbaccalaureate Research Fellow at the National Institute on Aging

Jessica Hurst - Sixth Grade Teacher at Lammersville Unified School District

Naznin Jahan - Ph.D. Candidate, Okada Lab, UCSF

Nazineen Kandahari - MD/MS Candidate, UCSF School of Medicine & UCB School of Public Health

Naame Kelet - Research Associate, MicroByre

Blake Kirkland - Graduate Student, UC San Diego

Etai Koronyo - Graduate Student, Harvard University

Constance Lau - Epidemiologist | Real-World Evidence at Kite Pharma

Gemma Lira - Dog Handler / Receptionist, The Dog Social Club Cooperative

Sophie Liu - Junior Specialist, UCSF

Anina Lund - Ph.D. Candidate, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Megan Ly - Research Associate, Harvard University

Meaghan McConlogue - CSO and Certified Lumiere Sciences Facilitator, Lumiere Sciences

Sophia Moreno - Research Assistant, Kaiser Family Foundation

Kiran Nagra - M.D. Candidate, UC Davis

Naomi Nicholas - M.D, Candidate, Keck School of Medicine of USC

Sentibel Pandovski - Scientist, Merck

Arianna Pankey - Undergraduate Student, Howard University

Joel Perez - Undergraduate Student, UC Berkeley

Ann Popovici - Research Associate, Harvard University

Rachel Prorok - M.D, Candidate, University of Southern Florida

Arushi Sahay - Ph.D .Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

Raymundo Sanchez - Data Manager, DocMatter

Nupur Savalia - Research Officer, American College of Physicians

Mitchell Srimongkil - Engineering Program Manager, Apple

Louis Tan - Social Media Manager, Virtual Event Tech Engineer, Stanford University

Cathy Ton - L2 Sales Installation Manager, Tesla

Vi Tran - Registered Nurse, UCSF

Sara Vandenburgh - Biomedical Sciences PhD Student, UCSD

Annie Vu - M.D. Candidate, Western University of Health Sciences

Haolun Wu - Graduate Student, Cornell University

Iris Wu - M.D. Candidate, Harvard Medical School

Mandy Zeng - Clinical Trial Manager, Stanford University

Eric Zhang - M.D. Candidate, UCLA

Anastasia Zhelokhovtseva, M.D.  - Resident Physician, UC San Diego

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